【数量限定】 メンズ D'artisan Studio 5592 刺繍スカシャツ ステュディオ・ダルチザン 半袖シャツ 新品 ネイビー-カジュアルシャツ

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【数量限定】 メンズ D'artisan Studio 5592 刺繍スカシャツ ステュディオ・ダルチザン 半袖シャツ 新品 ネイビー-カジュアルシャツ

ステュディオ・ダルチザン 刺繍スカシャツ 5592 Studio D'artisan メンズ 半袖シャツ ネイビー 新品

STUDIO D'ARTISAN(ステュディオ・ダ・ルチザン)は、1979年に設立された、日本のカジュアルウェア服飾アパレルブランド・株式会社ステュディオ・ダ・ルチザン・インターナショナルが展開する老舗アメカジレーベルです。



そのSTUDIO D'ARTISAN(ステュディオ・ダ・ルチザン)の
刺繍 スカシャツ(メンズ オープンシャツ 半袖シャツ)です。











作品名は「Studio D'artisan Embroidered Short Sleeve Open Shirt japanese souvenir jacket (sukajan) style 5592 U.S.N.スーベニアオープンシャツ」です。

U.S. NAVY(アメリカ海軍)をモチーフにしたミリタリーデザインで、デッキクルーがパイロットを助けるユーモアあふれる柄です。

ミリタリー、50's(フィフティーズ 1950年代)、ビンテージワークウェア、アメカジテイストなデザインが魅力です。とってもかっこいいダルチショートシャツです。


Product description in English

Studio D'artisan Embroidered Open Shirt Men's Short Sleeve shirt 5592

Fit : Japanese size (It is smaller than american standard sizes)
This shirt is trim fit for a stylish silhouette that giving it a more clean and dapper appearance.

Gender : Men
Material : 100% Cotton
Fabric Type : Lightweight Broadcloth
Pattern Type : Embroidery
Collar Type : Notched self-collar (Open collar)
Bottom hem type : Straight Hem (Square cut bottom Hem)
Placket type : Full-button closure (Front placket)
Pocket : No pockets
Back of the shirt : No pleats
Yoke type : Straight yoke
Style : Casual / Vintage workwear and Military style
Sleeve Style : Set-in sleeves
Sleeve Length : Short

Made in China
Brand-new, new condition with tags.
The model is wearing size Medium. Height:5feet 9inch(1.75m), weight:134pound(61kg)

*All measurements are taken with the garment flat on the ground.
*Sleeve length is taken from the center back of the neck.
*Please understand that measurements may vary somewhat.
*Note that actual color may be slightly different from one in the photo.
*Please refer to size chart for sizing.

Studio D'artisan is a label spun-off from casualwear brand STUDIO D’ARTISAN & SA. in Japan, and its focus is on the reproduction of vintage wear looks based on the old American military, motorcycle, and workwear vintage styles, and other items with 1950s fashion motifs (symbolic garments made during the golden ages of 1950's America).

Featuring American vintage style patterns and designs, the lineup includes pieces in Japanese sizes and silhouettes, with the materials and details retooled for today's taste.

Not just a simple revival of the American vintage style clothing, but pieces that have been enhanced with casual style.

And the brand draws inspiration from the functionality and beautiful designs of the old American styles.

The items are produced to give added casual style for wear in urban settings and use in town.

Here is one piece from the Studio D'artisan brand : a short-sleeved embroidered lightweight open shirt for men.

Inspired by old American vintage styles, new original designs are made for the modern age.

This shirt is trim fit for a stylish silhouette that giving it a more clean and dapper appearance.

Made in a 100% cotton lightweight broadcloth fabric that is high density and extremely durable, plain woven cloth.

This item is washed for fade and a broken-in appearance.

This full button-front shirt has a a notched self-collar(open-collar) and straight hemline.

This open shirt features No pockets.

Front button closure.
The buttons are two-hole bamboo buttons.

The pattern is total embroidery.

Model name : Studio D'artisan Embroidered Open Shirt Men's Short Sleeve shirt 5592
This design takes inspiration from the japanese souvenir jacket (sukajan) and United States Navy.

*This item has been specially treated to produce a vintage-like effect. Note that this is entirely consistent with the vintage effect and is intentional.

studio-dartisan-rodeo-japan short-sleeve-shirt-rodeo-japan
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